Facial Aesthetics

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers smooth out wrinkles, scars or folds through the injection of a natural gel. They can treat moderate to severe wrinkles and folds to give your face a refreshed, younger look.

Dermal fillers are most popular for the lower face, such as lines around the lips, as well as around the nose and mouth. They can also be used to smooth the appearance of dents or scars on the face. The hyaluronic gel that is used, is totally natural and the filler will be dissolved harmlessly by your body over time.

The dermal filler process takes about 20 minutes where small amounts of filler are injected into the selected areas. A topical or local anaesthetic will be given before the treatment so it will not be painful, although you may experience a little swelling afterwards. The effects are visible instantaneously and last for up to a year.

Dermal fillers are generally very safe as long as they are administered by an appropriate medical professional. Our specialists will give you full aftercare instructions and will ask you to return within 1-2 weeks after treatment to check your progress.


As we age the skin is creased in areas of repeated facial expression. The ageing process causes a loss in the skin’s ability to repair itself so that in the areas of over-use the lines become more visible. By reducing the movement of the muscle the skin stops being creased and is allowed to recover and the lines gradually soften.

Botox is a non surgical cosmetic treatment to make wrinkles and lines disappear. A naturally occurring protein, Botulinum Toxin, is administered by injection at specific points on the face in extremely small amounts to relax contraction of facial muscles.

Botox is currently the UK’s most popular aesthetic treatment, but should always to be administered by a fully qualified professional. We undertake a study of your face prior to any treatment to ensure the look you achieve is natural.

The results will last around 3-4 months. The injections are largely pain-free and you will not need any anaesthetic; however, you can expect your skin to feel a little bit sensitive for about an hour afterwards. Our specialists will fully explain any aftercare instructions and you can expect to see the results within 4-10 days.