Exceptional Level of Care For Nervous Patients

I haven’t been to a dentist for over 20 years due to past experiences when I was younger and swore I’d never go to one again. However after getting an infection in my tooth and being in constant agony I had no choice but to go to one. I chose this dentist as they could get me in very quick and so glad I did. They bent over backwards to make me feel at ease, the reception staff and the dentist themself. After initial check up I was told I needed 2 fillings and the tooth removed and was given antibiotics before I could have the infected tooth removed. On going back I was really petrified in having the extraction but the dentist was so understanding and patient with me, the dentist made it totally painless and made me feel so relaxed and at ease with. Within minutes the tooth was out and felt so relieved. It was not like when I was younger, how things have changed. I’m that impressed I’m no longer afraid to go visit this dentist for any dental work that may need doing in the future and will get regular check ups. If your a very nervous patient and scared, I would seriously recommend this dental practice, just tell them your concerns and they will seriously make your visit very comfortable indeed. My dentist talked me through everything they had to do and told me when to expect a little pain i.e injection. If I became a little stressed during treatment the dentist stopped for me to compose myself. The dentist was spot on with their work, very professional. Thanks to all at this practice for making my visits worth while. So if you’re afraid of dentists, you won’t be any more after visiting here, please don’t put it off go see for yourself at this practice.